Friday, March 18, 2005

What time is it?

It's confession time.

It's been about 4 months since my last blog-fession (Since November 22). Lets see, what has been going on since then?...
...Christmas was good, new years was good, my birthday was good, my wife’s birthday was good, saint patty's day was good, and I think that brings us up to date now.

I have gotten addicted to online poker. No-Limit Texas Hold'em to be more specific. For real money to be moooore specific. Don't worry I haven't lost too much money. I do play with fake money most of the time (Party Poker is the best). They have tournaments where you put just 5 dollars in and play with as many as 100 to 400 different people in each tournament. I played twice. The first time I didn't do so hot. But the second time I came in 67th out of 276 people. I am playing more and more with play money to see how people bet, and I am doing better and better each time. The tournament I played in had a pay out for top 40 players, so I missed it by 27 players (So close). First prize for that was $900 dollars. 40th was 11 bucks and goes upward in between. So I would have gotten at least my money back for that.

One day I will be the king of Party Poker, one day.