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Happy Belated New Year to you...

Happy New Year to you all!

Merry Christmas to @ll!!We have a lot to be thankful for in 2006, but by far is our newest addition to the Sheakley family... Ella Rae Sheakley! She has been a real blessing to us all... Loving her dearly... Day in and day out. Thank you for being in our lives Ella... Life wouldn't be the same without you, but of course you knew that.

Well, 2oo7 snuck right up on us this year... Gives us a fresh start, a clean slate if you will... Time for a change for the better some would say. This year I propose to you all (Myself included) to be a little nicer to your neighbor (As it were), meaning no road rage, no swearing under your breath at idiots cutting in front of you (Or riding your ass). Also, this reminds me... As my friend J.A. White would say, try to increase your vernacular and tone down your use of expletives. I also was thinking of regulating the intake of Coffee this year, but I think I will save that for lent instead. Coffee is just too good to be regulated...

Sarah is starting back up in her school duties today... She has only rotations left before she is done with Pharm School. It will be tough for her to spend time away from Ella, but I think she is going to give it a try. Ella has become the most addicting thing since Coffee and Video Games (Even Guitar Hero doesn't compare the the addicting sweet smiling face of Ella Rae). Sarah has a rotation coming up in Alaska, in which we will be visiting family as an added bonus. Six weeks here, six weeks there... And she will be known as "Dr. Sarah" Sheakly.

Guitar HeroSpeaking of "Guitar Hero", if you haven't played this game yet, I would strongly suggest you to give it a try... *Warning, once you start, you will have to cancel your plans for the next few weeks... As it is very addicting* Sarah can't get enough of it (And she is not really a "video game" player). We rock out about two to three times a day. You can buy a second guitar and play doubles, but I'm not exactly sure if that is the best idea for us, we wouldn't get anything else done (Who would be watching Precious Doll when we are doing our double guitar solo towards the end of "Free Bird"?). It's great fun for the whole family! Ella is going to love it... She already loves watching TV... She is fitting into this family quite nicely.

I'm still working at GE as a System's Analyst (GE eBusiness Helpdesk), it's going good... Although unbearably slow through the Holiday. I hope to be working from a laptop when we all go to Alaska for a month. This way, I can work from afar while still helping out with Ella care. This would be great...

Well, hope everyone's Holiday was a blast and hope everyone has a great New Year!!!

Best Wishes!!



  • hey hey..happy new year to you too!! yay!! glad you had a good one and the picture of Ella is so adorable with her cute lil mouth open like she is surprised! :) how did you get her to make that face? Glad to hear she is fitting into the family quite well..that's a plus..hah. and yes..actually speaking of Guitar Hero..the family i nanny for has it and i watch them play it a lot..i have never tried it yet tho, but they love it and it seems addicting :) awesome! ill have to try it sometime at your place. well glad you are getting off to a new start this year (for the better)...i hope ya stick to it! :) sweet. i am also gonna try to have a positive year! in all the ways :) well miss you guys...hope to see you soon! love you all. jewels

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  • Happy New Year Jules... That's funny your sitting family has Guitar Hero... Yes, everyone can play! Sarah's aunt Patty played it over Christmas too and liked it.

    Hope you guys have a good start of the year.

    Love ya,


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  • She is a beauty. What expression!

    Have a wonderful vacation. You both deserve it. And congrats to Sarah. What a hard working woman.

    writen & directed by Blogger Tam, at around 11:47 AM  

  • Thanks Tam...

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  • Hi Mike: This is Richardz's mom. I stumbled across your blog and had to comment. I cannot believe what a nice family you have. Two good looking girls!! Congratulations. I'd love to meet them both someday. Your daughter is adorable!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! PS: I see your not working at the "Express" anymore.

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  • Mrs. Zmijewski I presume...

    Thanks very much! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday! Happy New year!

    And no, I have not worked in the mall for quite a while now... And I don't really miss the hours either. I am at GE working as a Systems Analyst in the IT dept.

    Thanks again for the comment... and hopefully you can meet my Mrs. and our lovely daughter Ella someday.

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  • Hey Congrats Michael!!

    Ella Rae is a beautiful Baby!!

    Cheers! Billy ;))

    p.s. i like seeing Daniel Negranu our Canadian Poker Hero on yer Sidebar!!

    I love watching Poker with all the Big Guys Gus Hansen, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, Freddy Deeb, Alexander Stebic + his Girlfriends!! ;))

    Phil Hellmuth, Howard + Annie Lederman, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, + that guy that wears his Glasses Upside Down??

    Whatta cast o Characters!!


    writen & directed by Blogger BillyWarhol, at around 3:03 PM  

  • Thanks Billy... The guy with the upside down glasses is Marcel Luske... And also, I like Phil Ivey and Phil Laak and David Williams... but yes, my favorite has got to be Daniel Negreanu.

    They all are a blast to watch... I would love to sit at a poker table with them once too...

    writen & directed by Blogger Mo-Pie, at around 3:25 PM  

  • Gosh i was Googling Alexander Stebic + landed here - Who is his Girlfriend who is also a Poker Player??

    writen & directed by Blogger BillyWarhol, at around 2:48 AM  

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