Sunday, March 11, 2007

Update from the north

Hello! Haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd drop by to satisfy any and all loyal readers of this wonderful blog...

As I mentioned in my last post, we were spending a month and a few weeks in Juneau Alaska for Sarah's school rotation... We've been here for three weeks so far, and we have three week left to go. Sarah not being able to see Ella Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 has been quite an adjustment for her (And vice versa)... It has also been harder than planned for me too, having to work from my laptop all day while trying to take care of the young one. She can be a real handful sometimes (But a loving handful)... But we've all adjusted for the most (Time change, work change), we will all have to adjust when we get back into Erie, but that's life...

As for the weather, it has snowed every day during the week and has been sunny (almost) every weekend, so we can't complain too much. Dave, Sarah (Dave's Sarah) and I went snowboarding last weekend at Eaglecrest (Juneau's Ski Resort). It was very good weather for it... We all had a great time (See Flickr Pics for a few of the Mountains finest at play)!

Sarah's (My Sarah) birthday is tomorrow (March 12th) and Rose's (Sis's) birthday is one the 14th... So Happy Birthday to you two!! Hope everything goes right as rain! Sarah will be 28 (wow) and Rose will be 19 (double wow)! But you will never catch up to me... Because I am fast as fast can be! Ella is getting so big! She will be 5 months on Sunday... Four months younger than her cuz Kyla, she will be 9 months soon (triple wow), if not already.

Hope everyone is doing well! Talk to you all later!




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  • awww what a cutie! glad you guys are dong well! mom had a BLAST checking out your pictures and reading past blogs. it was a fun time! Happy birthday to Sarah!!! i tried calling your cell and i left a message but i dont know if you guys have the cells up there. :( i also have a card for her but of course didnt send it out on time!! :( that sucks cuz i bought it well ahead of time. i guess i need to work on gettin out well ahead of time too!! so i am thinking of her! hope she had (is having) a great birthday!!! miss you guys! love you. jewels..lil sis

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  • Where in the world is Michael Shakes?

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