Tuesday, November 14, 2006

1 Million Mega Pixels

It's been a while since I talked about my Camera needs to the millions who read my blog on a daily basis (JK, more like the 20-30 passer byes that are only here for a few seconds)... So I will take you through my normal "camera" thought routine that I go through about 3 to 4 times a week... But before that, lets first get everyone else up to speed...

For those of you who don't know me... I have a deep aspiration for this wonderful invention of "the camera". I love everything about camera's and photography, from taking the picture to processing the shot to viewing other people's pictures all over the world. I have always loved photography, thanks to my Dad (Who owns more manual camera equipment than a used camera shop)... Yada, Yada...

...Times have changed... Digital photography is now the wave of the Present and the Future. I am loving all of the options we have right now when wanting to purchase a new camera. Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera's, Digital PS (Point and Shoot) camera's, Digital CP (Cell Phones, duh... You thought I was going to say Coat Posse huh) camera's. We even have Digital Camera's for our Car Bumper's now (sheese)! But I am lovin' it. More ways for me to get the picture.

My first camera was an old Manual Olympus OM2n that I used in my Juneau Douglas High School Photog Class, and still use on occasion (This was, and still is a great camera). I have since gone to a Canon Ellan IIe and then most recently a Canon Powershot A610 (Only Digital Camera I own so far... besides my CP Camera). I have enjoyed using all of these camera's over the years, but there comes a time when you need more. More MP's (Mega Pixels), more camera lens choices, more bokeh (Background Blur in you picture), more more more... Which brings us to some other questions...

What kind of camera I should buy? What type of camera suits me and my photography needs? You may be asking yourself the same questions. Do I get more MP's? Do I get the compact or the heavy duty professional grade camera that I really want (At a very steep cost)? Do I settle for the in between Pro-Sumer class camera (Which nowadays is a great way to go)? If I go small, do I want a long zoom? If I go big, do I want a full frame sensor or a Cropped Factor sensor (1.3-1.6 times the zoom added on to every Millimeter, so it appears)? What brand is better? For me that's a non-issue, I am a Canon man and will always be a Canon man. There are many more questions that you can ask yourself when looking into buying a new Digital Camera... And this is what goes through my head each and every week, or at least until I put those thoughts to rest after my next purchase.

If you're not into photography as much as I am, the answer would probably be simple... "The one the guy at Best Buy says is good", Right? But for those who's passion is to get the best possible picture you can with the most possible options you can (Like myself)... then the answer isn't that simple.

What I can tell you is, do your research! Go online and "Google" the camera's that you are interested in purchasing. Type in ("Said Camera" Review) and click search... This is the best way you are going to learn about these camera's. Go to Camera Forums and read up on the best camera's out there (Or at least what everyone else says is the best camera's out there). Here are a few sites that I like to visit every day, they are all about camera's...

Pbase: A great site for viewing photo's from people that use every type of camera. You can use this site to view pictures from your next potential camera purchase.

The-Digital-Picture.com: A great place for Digital Camera reviews (This site is for Digital SLR's only).

Digital Camera Preview: Another nice D-Camera review site (This site for all type's of Digital Camera's).

Fred Miranda: This is my favorite forum to use about Cameras. I think this one is the best out there (You will have to register if you want to use).

There are many more sites out there if you just search for them, these are some of my favorites though.

So, now that you have all of your questions... You've visited all of these sites and more... You have looked at the sample pictures from users online... And you are still trying to decide what camera is best for you... You are right on track to getting your next Digital Camera. Just go through all of these question's, sites and pictures every day, and you will be close to where I am in deciding on my next purchase...

Now, let's end on a slide show...

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