Friday, September 28, 2007

A long time since yesterday

Since last we spoke, we have started watching 'The Office' on NBC... Quite possibly the most funniest sitcom on Television. I have no idea why we have not watch this more in the past. It is now on it's fourth season, as of Thursday Sept 27th.

Which actually brings up another Date, Sept 22nd. This date has nothing to do with The Office though. It was actually my brother Dave's Birthday. Which somehow, we completely let slip by us... So, Dave, Happy Belated Birthday... Sorry for the delay. Hope everything went well, and we'll talk to you soon.


Ella, Sarah and Mike

Speaking of Television shows, we also saw the first episode of 'Kitchen Nightmares' the other day. It was the chief from the other show, 'Hells Kitchen'. If you are not familiar with 'Kitchen Nightmares', it is where the chief from 'Hells Kitchen' takes on the task of trying to repair crappy, nasty, Nightmarish Restaurants to make them a flourishing upscale eatery. Very good show, we will be watching it again next week.

Fantasy football is upon us! Week four starts this weekend... I am in three yahoo leagues. 3-0 in one, 2-1 in another, 0-3 in the last. I will win the Super Bowl in all of them.

How bout those Packers!!?? Get Some Brett Favre! I am very excited for their 3-0 start this year. Loving what their defense and (more recently) their offense is doing as of late. They are going to the Super Bowl this year, just watch.

Ella will turn 1 yrs old Oct 11th at 4:32pm... WOW! She is getting too big, too fast. Can't believe how fast they grow. I wish there was a pause button on kids.

Ella is getting very close to walking soon. She can now crawl faster than I can run... She's fast. The plethora of Ella pics can be found on flickr (link on the right).

Sarah is now done with Pharm School... Yeah!! Congrats again to you Dr. Sarah. She does need to pass the Boards before she can work as a Pharmacist. But I don't see that as being a problem (My girls wicked smart). Ella and I are very proud of your accomplishments! Love you a whole bunches!

What else...

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.


  • You know you just can't post something after months and months of nothing. You've got to ease into it, like an announcement that you're about to post for the first time in a long time. Now I'm all frazzled.

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