Monday, July 14, 2008

Thoughts on Favre...

Being a Packers fan, I feel that I should shed my opinion on the current situation.

Update on Favre

The "itch"

During the last few weeks, there were rumors spreading that Favre had the "itch" to play football in the NFL again this year. This after announcing his retirement publicly March of 2008. Former players and family members alike all hinted to the media that Brett had this "itch" and agreed that he retired too early in 2007/2008 post season to know for sure that he was really ready for retirement. Heading into NFL training came territory, the "itch" was that he wanted to play again in the National Football League. Last week these "rumors" of the "itch" lead by Brett's family, former team mates and now fans came to an end...

Let me in, or set me free

Over this past weekend, there have been numerous texts/email/phone calls going back and forth with Brett Favre (And his agent) and Packers GM Ted Thomson and Coach Mike McCarthy , asking for a reinstatement into the NFL and the starting job at QB for the Green Bay Packers.

This has of course not gone so well for Favre, as the team has reportedly gone on record saying that the team has moved on, said it's goodbyes to Favre and is currently set to give Aaron Rogers (Brett's understudy for the past three years. First round draft pick in 2005) the starting job at QB.

Next, Brett and his agent finally agreed that since the Pack do not need Favre any longer, they should release him from the Packers so that he might find another team needing his talent (Don't laugh, you know it's true). But yet again the Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and GM Ted Thomson rule against Favre being released, in which doing so, Brett could sign with anyone in the NFL. Even NFC North rivalry teams such as The Chicago Bears, The Minnesota Vikings and The Detroit Lions. Which would be very bad to say the least.

The Back Up Plan

The Packers have agreed to letting Brett Favre back on the Packers roaster, but knowing fully well that Aaron Rogers is still going to be the starting QB, and Favre will be his backup (His backups backup if you will). This of course would not mold well for Packers fans, nor Brett himself (Obviously).

So what's next? Should they trade Favre? Just Release him? Try and force him to just stay retired? These are all very good questions... I hope they are all answered as soon as humanly possible... As this whole fiasco is turning into one of the biggest soap opera of NFL history.

My thoughts (As if it makes a difference)

I think that the Pack should stop whining about Brett wanting to return, pull Rogers out of his starting gig this year, give the reigns back to Favre for as long as he wants (I'm sure he would be fine winning the supper bowl this year or next) and be done with it.

Rogers is probably tired of waiting, but I'm sure another year or two would not kill him. I am really actually waiting to see how Brian Brohm will look during training camp (QB... Second pick in the 2008 draft. Looks to be a better fit with the Packers than Rogers). Hell, just bring Favre back, trade Rogers to someone who needs him now, and within the next few years give the reigns over to Brian Brohm. The End.

I wish I was the Owner of the Packers, this would be so much simpler.


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