Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Whobiddy Whatty!?

Getting close to the biggest holiday season of the year (Christmas, which is actually Jesus Christ's Birthday too. No coincidence), so I thought I would give a Christmas shout out.

Thing's have been going well here at the Sheakley household. Sarah and I are just loving Ella Rae Sheakley more and more each and every day she is in our lives. She is truly God's gift from heaven... Our little angle.

Mother's LoveElla will be 2 months old on the 11th of this month, but it sure does feel a lot longer than that (In a good way). She is constantly smiling (When she's not crying), even when she is sleeping, you can catch her with a smirk on her face at times (And no, it's not gas). We have taken about a bizillion pictures of her already and she is not even a year old yet (Sheakley habits die hard). I am sure we will take a gizzillion more...

Haylie and ellaThanksgiving was a good... Sarah, Ella and I went to Oil City to have Thanksgiving at my Uncle Jim's house (First time my moms side of the family got to meet Ella... She was a hit!). We ate some turkey, watched some football (My fantasy QB had 300 yards passing, 5 touchdown passes for a grand total of 47 fantasy points on Thanksgiving Day, Won the Thanksgiving Day Gobbler trophy, and I still lost that game!), and passed around the the baby all day, until she pooped on someone.

I will be taking pictures at my friend Rima and Jim's wedding on December 16th of this month, I plan on posting some pics here and on flickr (So stay tuned for that). I am renting a nice Canon 5D and Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L lens for this event (Which are the ideal combo when photographing a wedding!!). I have been wanting this camera ever since if first came out... So now, I finally get to try it out first hand (Hope everything is in working order). I do have a back-up Canon Elan IIe (Film) camera, just in case (Always carry a backup! Always!). I bought a Gary Fong Lightsphere II for the event as well (This is a great diffuser for your flash). This should be a great combo, so I am anticipating some very good images... Can't wait to shoot your guys wedding! I just hope I can get some great shots!

There are a few Christmas get togethers coming up... Work, friends, family... Hope the snow doesn't make things too difficult this year. *Note to self, put snow tire's on car*

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!!!

Diffusing the Baby


The Sheakley's (The ones in Erie on 2nd street)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Play My Bro's Station (Bidding Over)


You know you want one. You know you need one. Get one now...

PS3... Ebay, Here Now!

Time HAS run out!!! THANKS FOR LOOKING...

GOING, GOING, GONE!!! Do it now... You have 20 Hours from now to get your hands on this fine none Microsoft piece of Gaming Equipment!