Sunday, October 31, 2004

My sore throat hurts

I woke up this morning with a really bad sore throat at about 4:21 a.m. this morning. I asked Sarah if we had any cold medicine, and she replied with a big fat "no". That sucks, I didn't want to go to the store this early so I asked if we had any HALLS MENTHO-LYPTUS WITH MENTHOL-COUGH SUPPRESSANT/ORAL ANESTHETIC, and since she is going to Pharmacy School she says "We should". So I go into the kitchen to look and I found two backs of HALLS MENTHO-LYPTUS WITH MENTHOL-COUGH SUPPRSSANT/ORAL ANESTHETIC. These things really do help.

So now instead of going back to bed, I decided to go online for a while to check my fantasy football team. They are doing quite well these days, in case you were wondering. They are 4 and 3. This is not a great record, but I have in 3 of my wins top score in the league, and in the other win I came in second highest score in the league. In my three losses I was the lowest in the league in scoring (which doesn't make any sense), but I am back on the winning streak again. Woo Hoo!

My throat is actually feeling a bit better now. I think I will go back to bed.

Oh yeah. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Did you know that a human head ways only eight pounds?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Been a long time...

I just bought one of those alarm clocks that projects the time on the wall, ceiling, floor or wherever else you can think of pointing it (lights up after you press button). It also has its own barometer (It is not this exact one but it looks like this one). I now wake up every half an hour to press this button to see the cool huge red time on my ceiling.

Now for some reason I am late for school every other day.?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New email

I have a new email acount now through Gmail (thanks to RichardZ). I will be switching over to this new email gradualy, as I will still check my old hotmail (crapmail) account. Though my main account will eventually be Gmail by Google. Thanks Google, you complete me!

Be sure to check my profile for ne email account.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Who Done It?

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Who's This Guy? Not a bird. Not a plane. Why don't you just ask Jimmy.

I told you he loved Superman.

I was just testing out my new printer with copy and scan features. I know its not the best, but it gets the job done. (HP psc 2175 all-in-one)I'm happy with it.

I will be posting pics of my favorite things as soon as I get my Digital Canon. Just like someone else's web blog I started reading. I started reading her stuff through Rich's links to blogs, and I thought she was very interesting. She uses a Nikon D70 (very nice camera as well). Just call her Dooce

Don't let the bed bugs bite. spittle.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Our prayers go out to Reeve's and his family

"Superman" Reeve past away today.
We will remember him as the man of steel.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Photographing weddings

I will be attending another wedding on the 16th of October. I'm not just attending the wedding, I'm actually photographing this wedding too.

(If I had a digital Mark II or even a 10D I would take many more pictures of everything!) Sorry, I have to keep saying that to myself or I might forget I want one (probably not).

My manager from Express will be marrying my former employee (when I used to co-manage Express men's) at Express. They will be married on beach 6 (I think), and they will be having a reception at there home.

I will be posting some pictures from this wedding as well when I get them back.

So Melissa and John, Congrats and I'll see you soon!

Happy Birthday Mom!

It was my moms birthday yesterday October 6th.
I wasn't able to post it yesterday (sorry mom).

Happy fifty... ...Hum.. ...Forty fifth birthday mom! You don't look a day over 37.

It of course was the birthday of many others as well:

Birthdays - October 6

1846 - George Westinghouse (inventor: railway braking systems; developer: alternating current [AC] electricity; founder: Westinghouse Electric Company; died March 12, 1914)

1947 - Steve (Steven Jack) Kline (baseball: pitcher: NY Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves)

1948 - Wendell Ladner (‘Mr. Excitement’: basketball: Southern Mississippi, Kentucky Colonel, NY Nets; died in June, 1975 plane crash in New York)

1949 - Bobby Farrell (singer: group: Boney M: Daddy Cool, Brown Girl in the Ring, Rivers of Babylon)

1950 - Thomas McClary (musician: guitar: group: The Commodores: Three Times a Lady, Still, Just to Be Close to You, Sweet Love, Easy)

1950 - Ken Payne (football: Green Bay Packers)

1951 - Kevin Cronin (singer: group: REO Speedwagon: Keep on Lovin’ You, Take It on the Run, Can’t Fight This Feeling)

1959 - Dennis ‘Oilcan’ (Ray) Boyd (baseball: pitcher: Boston Red Sox [World Series: 1986], Montreal Expos, Texas Rangers)

1959 - Barry Darsow (pro wrestler/actor: Wrestlemania IV, Summerslam, WWF Superstars of Wrestling, Royal Rumble, WCW Saturday Night, Raw is War, WWF Smackdown!)

1963 - Elisabeth Shue (actress: The Trigger Effect, Leaving Las Vegas, Blind Justice, Heart and Souls, Back to the Future: Part 2 and Part 3, Cocktail, Adventures in Babysitting, The Karate Kid Call to Glory)

1964 - Matthew Sweet (musician: guitar, singer, songwriter: Girlfriend)

1965 - Ruben (Angel) Sierra (baseball: Texas Rangers [all-star: 1989 1991,
1992, 1994], Oakland Athletics, NY Yankees, Detroit Tigers

October 6th in History
October 6th in History
1883: The Orient Express travels from Paris to Istanbul in almost 78 hours, on its maiden run.

Happy Birthday Mother.

Monday, October 04, 2004


Mr. and Mrs. Nick were Married on Friday, the First of October Two thousand and Four at six-thirty in the evening Saint John's Catholic Church.

Congrats to Brad and Kerry!

I think I mentioned I was into photography a few times before. I had taken pictures at every wedding that I attended over a 15 year span (since I first had a camera, give or take a year). I have also been the main photographer at about 5 or 6 different weddings including my brother David Sheakley and your very own James Arthur White.

One of my friends from Express (the clothing store I temporarily work) had a friend that was getting married this past Friday and thought that I might be able to take the pictures for they're wedding as well. Of course I am always up for taking wedding pictures if I am available (school and all). So I was happy to do so.

It was a very nice wedding and I enjoyed myself very much (especially from behind my camera). Congratulation to you both and I hope you enjoy your moments captured in time taken by my Canon Elan IIe. Hopefully I can take pictures from my Canon Mark II soon. Then I will take pictures for anyone's wedding. Just ask!

I will post some pics of the wedding as soon as I can get them back.

Happy Birthday!

Its My Sis's Birthday today. Posted by Hello

But as you know, it's not just Julies birthday. It's also the birthdays of:

Dalton Abbott : October 4, 1989
Ed Agresti : October 4, 1900
Armand Assante : October 4, 1949
Stephen Auer : October 4, 1900
Afrika Bambaataa : October 4, 1960
Abraham Benrubi : October 4, 1969
Christine Brehan : October 4, 1970
Charlton Carter : October 4, 1924
Rachael Leigh Cook : October 4, 1979
Michael Dawson Crawford : October 4, 1969
Clifton Davis : October 4, 1945
Doreen Dietel : October 4, 1974
Keith Duffy : October 4, 1974
Dixie Gay : October 4, 1911
Alexander Gradet : October 4, 1976
David W. Harper : October 4, 1961
Rutherford B. Hayes : October 4, 1822
Anita Heilker : October 4, 1960
Heidi Holicker : October 4, 1960
Steve Hosford : October 4, 1970
Srdjan Jacimovic : October 4, 1960
Dragan Jovanovic : October 4, 1965
Buster Keaton : October 4, 1895
Michael Lauter : October 4, 1969
Chris Lowe : October 4, 1959
Eric Manes : October 4, 1965
Lila McCann : October 4, 1981
Hattie McDaniel : October 4, 1895
Jan Murray : October 4, 1917
Joan Neuman : October 4, 1926
Paul H. Nobriga IV : October 4, 1974
Carroll Nye : October 4, 1901
Howard Allen O`Brien : October 4, 1941
Ladislav Pesek : October 4, 1906
Jasper Randall : October 4, 1974
Anne Rice : October 4, 1941
Borge Roger-Henrichsen : October 4, 1915
Alan Rosenberg : October 4, 1951
Mia Roth : October 4, 1974
Damon Runyon : October 4, 1884
Susan Sarandon : October 4, 1946
Lori Saunders : October 4, 1941
Live Schreiber : October 4, 1967
Jon Secada : October 4, 1961
Robert Shayne : October 4, 1900
George Sidney : October 4, 1916
Alicia Silverstone : October 4, 1976
George L. Tarrant Jr. : October 4, 1970
Alvin Toffler : October 4, 1928
Susan Abigail Tomalin : October 4, 1946
Theo Ward : October 4, 1970
James R. Webb : October 4, 1910
Dottie West : October 4, 1932
Jimmy Workman : October 4, 1980
Philip Van Zandt : October 4, 1904

Happy Birthday Julie! Drop by and wish her a happy birthday!

Friday, October 01, 2004


I loved the Debate, I just couldn't watch it anymore. I'm sure that Bush Got a few good punches in after I turned it off to get some reading done.

Kerry Did have the upper hand in most of what I did see (I missed only a little bit of it). I don't want you to think I hate one or the other. I just thought that I would interject a little humor in it. Not to offend anyone.

Sorry if it did.



I know many of you will be posting on the debate last night (As Rich already did). I will post my thoughts anyway.

I did not watch the entire thing either (Rich couldn't because of disgust). But what I did see was Kerry beating Bush to the punch. I will now tell you in sportsman like commentary.

Kerry comes out strong, one-two-three strikes toward Bushes chin! Bush dodges two of the three! And throws a no look swing at Kerry's right shoulder! Kerry smiles and pushes Bush away. They bounce around for a sec or two, then Kerry comes in with an upper-cut! Bush staggers back a step or two and wobbles back in front of Kerry, as if to say you can't hurt me! I'm the President! The Bell Rings! Back to they're corners.

Next Bush comes out swinging! But the only thing is Kerry is still sitting in the corner trying to figure out what Bush is trying to hit. Kerry finally gets up and, gives Bush a hook to the head! Bush is definitely getting irritated now! Oh what's this Bush gives Kerry a belly shot! Kerry walks around the ring to shake it off. The bell rings, and the y go back to they're corners.

They both come out at the same time this time! And before Bush starts swinging he opens his eyes a little bit, takes one hook shot to Kerry's chin! Kerry bob's his head back and feels the slightest scrape on his chin!.....

And this is when I changed the channel. Thank you.