Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I found my swing! Again.

I posted about my horrible day of golf at RiverSide Golf Course about a week and a half ago.

This past weekend, I played nine holes at Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course with Michael (Sarah's Cousin. Same one a week and a half ago), and this time I rocked the boat. It was not only my lowest golf score (I'm not tHAT GOod), but I didn't make anything more then bogy (A first as well). I felt like I could do no wrong. We started a little late, so we only played the front nine (It poured after we got done). I am curious on how well I would have played the back nine though.

My score went like this...

1st hole = 5 (par), 2nd hole = 4 (bogy), 3rd hole = 4 (par), 4th hole = 5 (bogy), 5th hole = 5 (bogy), 6th hole = 3 (birdie), 7th hole = 5 (bogy), 8th hole = 4 (bogy), 9th hole = 6 (bogy)

Which should add up to a 41 (+5 over par). I also had 3 other par attempts (missed) and 2 other birdie attempts (missed). So there is some room for improvement.

I guess I found my swing again (like Tiger). I am looking forward to play Lake View again to show it my new swing!

Have a nice day.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Moving to Vegas?

Sarah said to me today, "Maybe we could move to Las Vegas...". She says that she could get a good job there as a Pharmacist, and it is hot all of the time (which she like's). I said "yes, this sounds good. I could play poker professionally and you could get a good job as Pharmacist."

Now don't quote me too much on this (even though I'm quoting myself), it is just an option (But a good option). Moving to Vegas would be very cool (actually it would be very hot).
We would need to visit for a little while to get a feel for it. My dad would visit us a few times a month, since he has his meeting there with Huna Totem Co.

Who wouldn't want to live in Vegas, raise your hand? It would be nice.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful fantasy! Who's with me?!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Re: Poker Chips

I posted a few posts back on trying to find real clay poker chips. I've gotten samples of some different kinds of poker chips recently. I received one Paulson, one Capone's and one Apache chip all from Dice702.com.

I had these chips for about a week and a half. These chips were very nice. Nice sound, nice looks. The crisp clean sound of clay chips hitting one another while being thrown in the pot (well, at least three being thrown in). The only down side to these chips are their price tag. Paulsons ($1.15 per chip), Capone's ($.65 per chip (not that bad)), and the Apache chip ($.95 per chip).

Now all of these are quoted off of Apache Poker Chips.com and if you buy a set you recieve a discount. I want these chips but they are mucho expensivo!

I then got a few samples from All-In Chips.com. I was on their site, and it says that these chips are a all clay 10.5g chip. When I got them I found that they were indeed all clay 10.5g's at about half the price of Paulson and Apache. After getting five samples I was a little disappointed in the way they sounded when you drop them on top of each other. They were a little dull sounding, and if you read the reviews on them they are very soft (which they are). I really loved the sound of the Paulson (clay), Capone's (clay) and even the Apache chip (ceramic) sound when shuffled together. I guess that I got use to the crisp clean clicks of them, and got my hope up that All-In chips would sound the same. I was told that you have to play with the All-in Chips to get them harder using the oils in your hands (no pun intended, Rich no jokes on this). So I guess I will have to try this for a while to see if this helps harden the clay to make a more crisp and clean sound when splashing the pot.

I will post at a later date on these All-In Chips to let you know how they pan out (whether you like it or not).

Thanks for stayin with me here captain.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spoiler for WSOP (Poker Standings)

This is the Standings of 1 through 58 of the WSOP Main Event.
If you do not want to see the Standings, DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS! This means you Jimmy White.

For top 58:Put your curser below and...

Highlite from...

1 Tim Phan $ 3,244,000
2 Mike Matusow $ 2,561,000
3 Farzad Bonyadi $ 2,402,000
4 Steve Dannenmann $ 2,143,000
5 Phil Ivey $ 2,027,000
6 Tex Barch $ 2,025,000
7 Tiffany Williamson $ 1,992,000
8 Johnny Howard $ 1,806,000
9 Scott Lazar $ 1,629,000
10 Tuan "Tommy" Vu $ 1,571,000
Keep going:
11 Bart Rice $ 1,414,000
12 Raymi Sanchesz Thorn $ 1,288,000
13 Lee Watkinson $ 1,221,000
14 Tom Sartori $ 1,208,000
15 Daniel Bergsdorf $ 1,144,000
16 Brad Kondracki $ 1,136,000
17 Minh Ly $ 1,102,000
18 Terry Burt $ 1,080,000
19 Steve Marx $ 1,042,000
20 Per Hildebrand $ 1,017,000

Keep going:
21 Michael Kessler $ 986,000
22 Shahram "Shawn" Sheikhan $ 983,000
23 Patrick Hayden $ 972,000
24 Dustin Woolf $ 968,000
25 John Juanda $ 841,000
26 Joseph Hachem $ 814,000
27 Nick Gibson $ 811,000
28 John McGrane $ 780,880
29 Aaron Kanter $ 778,000
30 Ayhan Alsancak $ 775,000
Keep Going
31 Greg "Fossilman" Raymer $ 766,000
32 Radu Butan $ 762,000
33 Bing Wang $ 739,000
34 Oskar Silow $ 720,000
35 Adam Friedman $ 719,000
36 James Butt $ 716,000
37 Russell "The Muscle" Salzer $ 710,000
38 Bryant King $ 702,000
39 Franklin Caldwell $ 690,000
40 Yakov Hirsch $ 658,000
Keep going:
41 Joe Connor $ 641,000
42 Mark Forrester $ 628,000
43 Karlo Lopez $ 607,000
44 Joe Stillman $ 584,000
45 Kevin Kaikko $ 571,000
46 Tony Abesamis $ 513,000
47 Kenna James $ 510,000
48 Hung La $ 505,000
49 David Richardson $ 501,000
50 Roland Israelashvici $ 469,000

Keep going:
51 Will O'Brien $ 423,000
52 Bernard Lee $ 379,000
53 Andrew Black $ 371,000
54 Conor Tate $ 368,000
55 Derek Dix $ 202,000
56 Rod Pardey Jr. $ 187,000
57 Larry Prugh $ 166,000
58 Jarl Lindholt Jorgensen $ 101,000


This is the latest Standings.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tlingit Pride

I blogged before on the National Museum of the Native American that opened September 21 2004 of last year found here. I still have yet to go and see this Museum. I would like to go soon though, as it looks to be a fascinating place.

If you want to learn more about Tlingit Indians, check out Tlingit National Anthem. You will find out much about your Tlingit friends. From cooking, dancing, learning, singing, speaking and more.

Let me learn more about your culture with any links and I will link them to my blog!

Gunalch'eesh! (Thank you in Tlingit)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Negreanu and Wie ( SPOILER WARNING WSOP )

Well, Daniel Negreanu is out of the Main Event of the World Series of Poker already. I thought that he would go the distance at this years WSOP Main Event. Good luck the rest of the year Dan, and I hope that this doesn't change the way you play. You still the man!

Michelle Wie did great on her first nine on the second day of the John Deere Classic; but horrible on the second nine and didn't make the cut to see the third day(She played the back nine first and the front nine last). You still the woman (Girl)! Good luck in the LPGA, you just need to handle the pressure a little better and you will Rock!

I'm doin good too. I need to get my game on soon, golf or poker (preferably both).

Friday, July 08, 2005

Michelle Wie hit a Deere

John Deere That is!

I watched Michelle Wie play in the 2004 US Women's Amateur Championship at the Kahkwa Club here in Erie, where she lost to In-Bee Park. This was awesome, I walked the entire 18 holes with her while she played on the final day. I got some pics of her, but of course they were on film and I have yet to develop 20 rolls of film (See, this is why I want the 20D). Others who played in this Amateur Championship where Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel. All three girls did very well in this years 2005 women's Open too. They are making a big name for themselves this year. Birdie Kim won this years open (If you didn't know, another youngster).

But now, Wie will try again this year with the men at the John Deere Classic. She will not only be trying to make the cut this year, she wants to Win. She is only 5 shots off the lead too. The cut right now is -2, so she needs to kick it in gear.

I don't know about you, but I am looking for Wie to win the whole thing.
Go Wie, it's your Birthday, no presents, just a Party!

Dinosaur footprint found in Alaskan park

Godzerra! Look Ma! Dinosaurs did walk the earth! Even in Alaska!

"A rough comparison, he said, would be a scaled-down Tyrannosaurus Rex."

This is a interesting story for people living in ANCHORAGE Alaska, but if you don't live there and are interested, read on (The link above).

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Poker Tour

These are some of the Best Woman on the Poker Tour (Evelyn Ng and Jennifer Harman). I borrowed this picture from my favorite Poker Player on Tour, Daniel Negreanu who has his own web site Full Contact Poker. Daniel, I hope you don't mind. If so let me know and I can give this picture back to you (Thanks). He has his own Blog too, which is located on his web site for those of you that are also into poker as much as I am.

For all of you out there that love to play poker, good for you. And Daniel, I hope you get some luckier hands pretty soon.

Dan has his new game coming out which features these two ladies, along with a few other star's on the poker tour. The Game is Stacked, which I'm sure will be!

Go check out the official site of the World Poker Tour, and see how your favorite player is doing.

I'm All In! What about you!?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


For those of you who don't understand how a wireless telegraph works.

"The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York, and it meows in Los Angeles. The wireless is the same, only without the cat."

--Albert Einstein

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fight Night!

Man vs. Bird Desktop
Man vs. Bird Desktop,
originally uploaded by RichardZ.com.
In the corner to my left! Weighing in at 2 pounds and 24 ounces! The Super Duper Chipen Swooper! Flock of Seagulls!

And in the corner to my right! Weighing in at 172 pounds and 7 ounces! The Master of the Chip and Dip! The King of Crunch -n- Munch! RRRRRRRRRRRRichard the RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRed Hot RRRRRRRRRRRRRRiderrrrrrrrrrrr!

The game of golf. Can't live without it, can't live without it.

I golfed 4th of July morning only to suck out again.

I seem to always do better when I am golfing by myself. If I'm by myself; I don't have to worry about someone looking at my swing from behind or have to take my golf swing after everyone else hits their perfect golf swing before me. I did get better throughout the match, but not at the level I usually play. I played at the Riverside Golf Course in Cambridge Springs. A very nice course and was a first for me. I went with three others, we played team match play but kept score anyway. My team won with me only winning one hole on the 18th (I made par, and everyone else bogeyed). It was the winning hole though, so I was proud of that.

I plan to try and get out more this year than I did last year.

All I can say is; keep your head down, don't stand too close to the ball, and don't think about it so much and you will do just fine.

Front nine = 54 (wow)
Back nine = 47 (a little better)

Not my normal game. But I'll take it.

Game Anyone?

Friday, July 01, 2005

Can You Be Fired for Blogging?

I was reading an article on MSN.com today about blogging.

"Whatever bloggers are writing about work, employers don't like it. Employees have reportedly been fired for blogging at a number of companies, including Starbucks, Delta, Wells Fargo, Friendster and Kmart." said Kate Lorenz, CareerBuilder.com

"Now I don't know what any of that means but... ...it sound pretty bad". (Tom Cruise, in A Few Good Men)

I still think that Dooce got fired story is the best. Sorry Heather, but your good.

I think that if you aren't going to say something nice, don't blog it. At least not about the place you work at anyway.

If you've ever trash talked your place of work...

...“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” (Heather B. Armstrong from www.dooce.com)

p.s. I love my place of work, and you should too!

peace love and apple juice...